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Would you like to share your knowledge on a broader scale? Excel4TheStreet is an e-learning marketplace for individuals across the industries to provide online courses. This user-friendly platform offers you the opportunity to create and record your own online course. All you need is your material and the equipment and software that suits your needs. E4TS provides instructions and helpful tips for those new to video content creation so that your course is clear, professional, and – ultimately – successful. You can register for the Excel4TheStreet platform by clicking here.

Video Publishing Options

Creating your own online course is easy. You can do it yourself or you can make use of video content creation software. E4TS recommends using Wistia or Vimeo Pro to create the highest-quality video in the shortest amount of time. These software programs will allow you to record, customize and edit your video in minutes. After creating your video with this software, you can easily publish it on Excel4TheStreet. Both Wistia and Vimeo Pro offer a private sharing functionality. This is ideal when selling online video content, because it ensures that your video cannot be found via search engines and so that paying viewers will be able to access it. Depending on your needs, you might also choose a do-it-yourself approach.


To create an effective online course, you will want to think about the best form of delivery – slides, video or voice-over. Both PowerPoint and Keynote have a built-in audio narration feature that allow online instructors to provide commentary on their slides. You might also want to consider using a screencasting tool such as Camtasia. This will allow you to record your computer screen with a voiceover so that you can show online content and narrate at the same time. Using the webcam bridges the gap between you and the viewer and allows you to personally reach a large target audience, so take advantage of this. Show your audience who they’re talking to by incorporating the webcam when you are speaking to them.

At E4TS, we advise you to keep your time frame in mind – 30 minutes is a good rule of thumb for an online presentation. Online instructors want to make sure that the audience stays engaged and gets the message. We live in a fast-paced, high-tech world, where time is of the essence and less is more. Be sure to practice your presentation before you record it so that you feel well-prepared. Having spoken through it once will ensure that it flows well for the recording.

At Excel4TheStreet, we suggest a few simple tips to ensure that your video meets the professional standards of your industry. First of all, the sound quality of your presentation will convey your level of professionalism. We advise you to speak clearly, pace yourself and pause between sentences. You want to make sure that your viewers are able to follow what you are telling them, so you don’t want to take them through it too fast.

Sound Quality Matters

We highly recommend using an external microphone to ensure the best possible sound quality. A popular choice is the Blue Yeti. Ideal for online instructors, this external condenser microphone will record the sound in front of it and leave out background noise. Well worth the investment, the Blue Yeti delivers outstanding quality for a reasonable price. It offers an easy set up and an excellent, natural sound quality. Additional features, such as real-time monitoring and multiple sound capture give this mid-range model an impressive price/performance ratio. The Blue Yeti is available on Amazon for around $129.

At E4TS, you create your own success by creating effective content (i.e. higher rating = higher pay on the site). That’s why presentation is key. A good presentation has a clear purpose and is well-structured. Know your purpose before you plan your presentation and you will end up with a clear result that gets your point across. A good online instructor keeps the audience in mind. So make sure your content is compelling. The advantage of online learning is that you can address your audience in different ways, use whatever materials you like and be as creative as you want. The world is literally at your disposal.