How To Avoid an Over-Reliance On Google and Its Services

When you talk about the internet, you talk about Google – one of the world leading tech companies. Google has established itself firmly as the #1 search engine but they’ve also developed a lot of other applications and services. It comes to little surprise that for many users, Google and their services are essential.

Aside from the outstanding functionality of Google’s products, most of the services are free of charge. That raises the question: How can Google be so profitable when you don’t pay for many of their services?

Simple. The user is the product.

Google utilizes all the user data to develop and optimize new products, however, the main purpose is to use the data for advertising – Google’s biggest source of income.

So, how do you start or run a business without relying too much on Google and its services?

In this article, I’ll explore the alternatives to Google and related services in order to avoid over reliance.



As the digital forward is moving forward, an increasing percentage of businesses are moving their entire organization and teams to online cloud platforms in order to centralize their business processes, projects and more in one remotely accessible place.

G-Suite is an extremely popular cloud-based solution and used by many companies around the globe. Especially for starting entrepreneurs who want to outsource certain areas or specific tasks of their business to cost-friendly countries in order to safe costs. Cloud-based solutions allow multiple, location-independent users to work on the same project without any issues.

The core of the software is based on accessibility, ease of integration, privacy and flawless functionality. Privacy, which brings us back to the previous point that you are the product of Google.

The best alternative (and arguably a better cloud-based solution) to G-Suite is Office 365, a Microsoft owned software tool. Both companies are at the top of the cloud-based industry but the major difference is privacy. Although both software tools are strengthened by the best security and privacy protection available, you can’t deny the fact that Google will use your G-Suite-generated data in their advertising model.

Simply put, Google does actively sell user data whereas Microsoft is not.


Google Docs & Sheets

Google docs and sheets are immensely popular tools for most people, not only for people who run or start a new business. It’s such a powerful tool because it allows you to work in one document or sheet with multiple people, in real-time.

Again, you could opt for Microsoft’s product and go back to Word and Excel, which are arguably much better tools but with one huge disadvantage – it’s not cloud-based.

Now, you can avoid Google docs and sheets and replace them with the following alternative:

Zoho Writer is a perfect alternative to Google docs because it offers the exact same features, ability to work online in one document in real-time and the best thing is, it’s for free! All you need is an account and you’re set.

Zoho Sheet is a product that will allow you to avoid Google sheets while offering the exact same features. It’s a real-time tool that allows you to work with multiple people in one document. Zoho Sheet is also free!


Avoiding Google’s Ad Platform

When it comes to various advertising platforms, Google and Facebook are pretty much the only two major players in this field. However, there’s one big difference between these two giants.

Generally speaking, advertising on Facebook (and Instagram) is quite a bit cheaper than advertising via Google Adwords. Simple fact is, Google Adwords allows you to be at the top of the page for very specific search queries, while advertising on Facebook and Instagram targets a broad audience based on interests, demographics, and more.

I believe that for new entrepreneurs, Facebook Ads is a way better option than Google Adwords because it allows you to promote your business for lower costs. Besides that, social media is extremely popular, which means that a lot more people will see your business ad on their timeline, which increases the engagement and conversion.


Google Search

Here’s a list of Google Search alternatives:

The data in DuckDuckGo search engine is collected by their own crawler.

StartPage claims to provide the exact same search results as Google.

SearX returns the search queries of all the other search engines and does this without storing any user data.

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