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Tableau Architecture is an exciting development in the world of business intelligence. This software helps you see data and analyze it in a manner that makes sense to you. When seeing a chart with a list of numbers doesn’t give you enough information (or the right kind of information), Tableau is an effective tool to help you drill down to discover more.

Benefits of Using Tableau for your Business

Cloud-based and Secure
Tableau is a cloud-based solution. Multiple users can share and collaborate on collaborate on Tableau views and dashboards. Tableau’s IT controls are audited regularly by independent firms to ensure the company is meeting its compliance obligations.

Tableau is User Friendly
Tableau is meant to be easy to use. You don’t have to have a background in programming to be able to use it. All you need is some data and the software will be able to start generating reports. These eye-catching visualizations will set out a story that is clear and easy understand. To “flesh out” the story to show others how it fits into an overall plan, campaign or idea, you have the option of hooking web pages and documents onto the interactive dashboard.

With Tableau’s drag-and-drop features, you will be able to create the type of reports you need, quickly and easily. If you are familiar with MS Excel, you will have no trouble being able to learn how to navigate Tableau.

Tableau Partners Well with Excel
Excel is a spreadsheet and analysis software program that is used for many business applications. Add Tableau into the mix, and you have a powerful partner that brings some excellent benefits to the table.

Tableau allows users to exploring Excel data easier and even faster. You can ask questions and find answers as you work with your data, instead of having to run separate reports every time you have a question.

Excel users keep their spreadsheets while using Tableau. Visualizations are very simple to build, and easy for users to read and analyze. Everyone with access will be able to get on the same page rapidly to start working with the results of the analysis.

Can be Accessed with Several Devices
Tableau can be used on a desktop computer. It can also be accessed through a web browser, an iPad and mobile phones. This feature gives you the flexibility to work on analytics from anywhere.

Interacts with Live and In-Memory Data
Tableau allows users to access databases and data warehouses. The latter is a system specifically for reporting and data analysis, and an essential component of business intelligence. The data warehouse stores current and historical data in one location. From there, it can be retrieved as needed for analysis and to prepare reports.
When you choose Tableau for your business needs, you aren’t limited to searching through your database entries for what is being held in memory. You also have access to live data, and you can switch back and forth with ease.

Works with Large Amounts of Data Quickly

One of Tableau’s major strengths is speed. It quickly and efficiently evaluates millions of rows of data to extract relevant responses to your query. If you decide to change the parameters for your query, it’s not a problem for Tableau at all. The software responds to your new request to give you the results you need.

Integrates with Python Scripts
As a general-purpose programming language that is used for processing various types of content, Python is an excellent fit for use with a database software like Tableau. Python’s “machine-learning capabilities” can be combined with Tableau’s power to develop advanced analytics applications used to complete various tasks.

You already know that Tableau gives you the power to access a huge amount of data. Python has the ability to apply different parameters to the data and sort it using its own . You can use this to do a deep dive into your data to analyze it in ways that are going to be the most revealing, and ultimately helpful for your task. Tableau is a powerful tool for analyzing sales figures, customer orders and markets, website visitors, and more. It can also be used for a number of scientific and market research tasks.

Excellent for Statistical Computing and Analysis
Tableau also integrates well with programming language R, which is known as the industry standard for statistics. R can present some challenges as far as being user-friendly, though. When combined with Tableau, though, it gives you the ability to filter the data and assemble it in ways that make sense for the task at hand.

You have multiple options on the interactive dashboards to format your results. Choose from sliders, drop-downs or other visual cues, and they will be ready within a few minutes.

Easy to Share with Other Users
Once you have an opportunity to examine your data, you can share it with your team members and managers and clients. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can post it on your website or on social media.

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