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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to view my course?

Courses remain in your account for as long as you remain a member of Excel4TheStreet

Are there free trials?

Each course comes with an option to view a sample video to assist you in determining your selection

Can I upload courses to the Excel4TheStreet platform?

Please click here to learn how to become an affiliate instructor

Are there discounted courses?

Each instructor has the option to provide a limited number of coupons per course. This is left to the discretion of each instructor

Is membership to Excel4TheStreet free?

Yes, anyone can sign up to our platform. Once you sign up, you will receive our weekly blog and newsletter, as well as be eligible to take available courses on our platform

Can I download courses I purchase?

Due to copyright concerns, E4TS does not provide the ability to download course videos outside of our site.